Why you should have a blog on your company’s website

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Having a blog on your website is a great idea, but it can also be time consuming and hard to keep updated – particularly if you’re not all that passionate about writing.

However, the benefits usually outweigh the hassle. Here’s five reasons why it’s important to have a blog on your company’ website:

It builds credibility: No matter what your industry, having a blog from the owner or face of the company gives current and potential customers an automatic connection with your brand. For example, let’s say you’re a tax agent. Having a monthly blog with financial tips, general tax advice and updates on changes to laws or rulings gives the (right) impression that you know what you’re talking about. When a reader needs a tax agent, there’s an automatic trust in you because of what that customer has read from you previously. This can work for EVERY business. Imagine you run a pool shop – a regular blog featuring pool cleaning tips and news on the latest technologies builds your reputation.

It keeps your website updated: If your business doesn’t change all that much in terms of prices or products, there’s a chance your website will never really change. Having a blog means that your website is regularly updated, which is huge for your web search rankings. It also ensures that customers keep coming back to your site, with the expectation that there will be new content available.

It’s a great marketing tool: Every time you put up a new blog post, you need to take advantage of it. Send out a link on your social media pages, your newsletter databases and anywhere else you market your business. Of course, you may also mention a new product or special at the same time. This is a great way to contact people in a soft manner, with subtle links to your products and services.

It allows you to get feedback: If you use your blog to mention certain products and services, you’re able to get immediate feedback from customers via comments on the blog itself or on social media. This allows you to better structure your business and get an improved understanding of what customers want, need and expect from you.

It’ll make you money: Think of writing a blog as an extension of your marketing plan. You market your business because you want to make money, and successful marketing campaigns will generally result in better sales and/or brand awareness. A blog should not be seen as a hassle, it should be seen as an essential marketing concept that has the potential to make a handsome return.

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