Why you should hire a professional MC for your wedding

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When planning a wedding, you’ll realise just how quickly the expenses add up.

One way many brides and grooms cut costs is by asking a family member to MC the event.

But there’s a few significant problems when it comes to asking Uncle John or Aunt Joan to host the big event.

Firstly, despite what you think, being the MC for a wedding is not as easy as it sounds. Your MC not only welcomes the bridal party and announces where the toilets and smoking area is, they also keep the night on track, ensuring things are running on time. They liaise with the venue management on the night, the bride and groom themselves, the DJ, the band – basically everyone involved with your wedding reception. It’s actually quite a big job!

As talented as you think Uncle John might be, being a wedding MC takes more than just having good organisational skills and the ability to speak on a microphone. Things do go slightly off track at weddings – from minor to major problems – and your MC is at the forefront of fixing those issues and liaising with the bride and groom about the best course of action.

All of that is a lot of pressure for poor old Uncle John!

Also, while your relative or friend may have agreed to MC the event and seems happy to do so, there’s always the chance that they’re also slightly disappointed. After all, instead of inviting them along to enjoy the night and celebrate with you, you have essentially given them a job! And if it’s not something they do regularly, you can be sure that they’ll be feeling stressed and worried about doing the right thing on the night.

The best solution? Let Uncle John and Aunt Joan enjoy themselves and instead, hire a professional MC.

Do your research, but if you get the right one, they’ll ensure your night is a major success and they certainly won’t upstage and the bride and groom!

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