Five tips to running the perfect event

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Whether it’s a corporate sales event, fundraiser or awards night, things can get very stressful when it comes to organising the perfect event.

Here’s my top five tips to keeping your event on track:

1. Have a realistic run sheet

Run sheets are the real key of keeping an event on track. Knowing when things are going to happen during the night are very important. You need to be realistic when formulating your run sheet. Talk to the venue, ask about the meal times and the ability of the kitchen to get food out when you need it, for example. There’s no point in putting 7pm on the run sheet for the main meal if the kitchen isn’t able to get meals out until 7.30pm. Make sure you send the run sheet to all the relevant people including the venue itself so it doesn’t get any huge surprises on the night.

2. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

Think about the kind of people you have attending your event.  Are they likely to want to dance for hours? If so, only having an hour of dancing scheduled into the evening isn’t a smart idea. Sometimes, your wants and needs have to be put to one side – focus on what you think your guests would want.

3. Hire a professional MC

Yes, we know that there’s that guy who likes to crack jokes in the office who could host the event. Yes, we know your Uncle David once hosted a charity event.  But to be truly comfortable in the knowledge that your event is going to be a success, you need a professional MC to host proceedings. Your MC will ensure that the event goes off without a hitch and professionally.

4. Be prepared to be flexible

The worst thing you can do is let one setback ruin your night. The flowers didn’t arrive? So be it. Is the night running 20 minutes behind schedule? Depending on the event, it might not matter – so don’t get too stressed! Be willing to be flexible – it’s highly unlikely your guests will notice little mishaps unless you’re the one who brings attention to them.

5. Have fun!

Running an event can be a stressful time, but it’s important to remember that you’re part of this because you want to be! Whatever your event is, you’ve got a passion for it – and that should be on show for your guests. Keep a smile on your face all night.

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